Kingfisher Fire & Security have been designing and installing fire detectionCCTV systems and security solutions for UK businesses for over sixteen years. Our client list speaks for itself: from large corporates through to smaller, local industries, we have built our reputation on:

We cover the counties of Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, London & nationwide.  We are a Gent Approved Systems Integrator.

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We can supply and install all types of cameras including Mono, Colour, Colour / Mono, true day night, IR sensitive, Speed dome, PTZ, bullet, Number Plate Recognition, Covert and Thermal cameras from all the major manufactures such as JVC, Panasonic, Pelco, Bosch, Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, Techwin, Vista, Dallmeier, & GE Security.  Camera quality is where it all starts and no matter how good your viewing and recording systems are it comes down to “Rubbish in - Rubbish out”.
After the camera, lenses are the next most important item in getting good picture quality and proper selection is imperative and we use only the best from well known manufacturers such as Pentax, Computar and Fujinon. Lenes come in many shapes and sizes for example Auto Iris, Direct Drive Galvometric all with Fixed Focal Length, Varifocal (manual Zoom) or fully Motorised Zoom for use in PTZ cameras.
From a simple single channel to Multi channel networked purpose built DVR’s  with over 3000 GB of hard drive and Graphical User Interfaces featuring true real time recording we can select a unit best suited to meet your requirements using leading manufactures like Dallmeier, Pelco, Vista, Adpro, Sanyo, Sony, American Dynamics, Videoswitch, Samsung, JVC, Mitsubishi, Bosch, Dedicated Micros.  All have their own ways of compressing and storing data using MJPEG MPEG MPEG4 JPEG2000 and remote viewing software such as NetVu, ObserVer, HighVu.
To enhance vision where there is little or no ambient light our complete range of Mains and Low Voltage lighting offers a number of different options. This lighting can be in the form of White Light or Infra Red Lighting.  Within both of these we can supply and install standard mains or Low voltage units from  Vista, Dennard, Derwent and Raytec.  Recent advances in use of LED lighting have now resulted in a range of units designed to give a low energy option thus reducing operating and service costs as well as your carbon footprint using units from Derwent (Aegis Intelligent IR, Black Diamond SUPERLED, MINIFLOOD & MICROLED) Raytec (RAYMAX & Raytech HYBRID).
CCTV SystemsCCTV Systems - Remote monitoringCCTV Systems - KeyboardCCTV Systems - AnalysisCCTV Systems - Cabling
Most DVR’s will allow secure remote monitoring and viewing via network and broadband connections such as LAN, WAN, ADSL & DSL.  However fast update specialist remote monitoring with 2 way speech can be achieved by using specific equipment such as Smartell and Adpro Fast Tx with systems installed to BS841.
Where control and flexibility are concerned we have a vast selection of Keyboads and Matrix, from the most simple to Complex Multi protocol systems capable of controlling a range of equipment from DVR’s to Speed Domes from a single keyboard from all the leading edge manufaturers such as the American Dynamics Megapower ADCC1100 Controlcenter, Pelco CM6700 GE Security KTD-405U-UK and Bewater V3i.
Number Plate recognition (VNPR & ANPR), People and Object Counters, Traffic Data and Human Detection Surveillance Technology are just some of the systems available using the latest Intelligent Video Technology from manufacturers such as GE Security – (VIDEOIQ), American Dynamics – (NCIVA), DALLMEIER (DI-NPR) & Vista (VNPR & Vi-Count)
From standard Co-ax Cable using RG59U, URM70, RG11 & CT125 for the shorter clean runs,  to Twisted Pair using NVT PVD and Pelco UTP, AMG Fibre Optic (Vision 2000 & Guardian-Lite 4600), Verint Wireless IP Video Transmission, and RDT Videowave Wireless Analogue and Digital Video Transmission Systems we have a solution to meet almost application to eliminate interference and improve performance on long cable runs.
CCTV SystemsCCTV Systems - hardwareCCTV Systems - monitors
Internal & External Camera Housings, Wall Brackets, Camera Towers, Camera Columns, Wiper units, Monitor Brackets are just a few of the items available from our hardware range.  We have access to a vast range of compatible equipment from Dennard, Vista, Vicon, Pelco, DM, Conway, Nortek, Bewater,  Altron & WEC.
From CRT and TFT LCD monitors to Duplex Screens using Pelco, American Dynamics, Panasonic, JVC, Vista, Bosch, Techwin, Samsung and more.


CCTV Systems
CCTV Systems