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These can be from single site to more complex and flexible networked systems allowing control and programming of sites and doors anywhere in the world using the internet or the clients own LAN and WAN.  As well as the access Control software many systems will integrate with Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Building Management Systems and other inputs such as plant, flood Sensors and Fire Detection Systems. They can also incorporate other functions such as Anti Passback, ID Card Production, Roll Call (to assist in building evacuation), Guard Tours and Time and Attendance as well as being able to interface with Personnel and HR software to ensure continuity of records.  Kingfisher Fire & Security have successfully installed such systems both in and outside the UK and are Certified Installers for the following systems:-

Software House – C.Cure 800, C.Cure 9000 & C.Cure Mobile, Paxton Access - Net2 Standard & Net2 Professional,  CEM Systems – WebEntry2 Pro, AC2000 SE, AC2000AE & AC2000 Lite.  Grosvenor Technology – Janus & Sateon Focus.  Kantech – Entrapass Special Edition, Entrapass Corporate Edition & Entrapass Global Edition.  PAC – iPac, Securenet & Easinet.  ACT – ACTWin Lite, ACTWinpro & ACTSmart2.  TDSI – Exgarde & Exgarde Pro.  Cotag – Granta & Entro 6 and Impro – IXP220

In nearly all cases Door controllers are unique to the manufacturer’s software and the following shows the controllers linked to individual manufacturers:-

Software House – iSTAR Pro, iSTAR Pro Rack Mount, iSTAR eX & apC/8X, Paxton Access - Net2 nano, Net2 Plus & Net2Air,  CEM Systems – DCM 150, Webentry II, S9064, S9032, EIOC (Ethernet Input Output Controller) AC200 Controller, DCM 300, S9032 Lift Controller & sDCM 300 Intelligent Contoller. Grosvenor Technology – Janus IDC.  Kantech – Entrapass KT-100, KT-300 & KT-400EU.  PAC – iPac & PAC 500.  ACT – ACTpro 1000, ACTpro 2000 & ACTpro 3000 .  TDSI – Microgarde  Cotag – Granta 4101-2, Granta 4010- CPNi & 4010-SPNi & Impro – GB/IPS963

There are several methods of granting Access through a door, turnstile, Barrier or anything you wish to control movement of people or vehicles through.  However, whilst most manufacturers supply their own readers and reading technologies, unlike the Networked Access Control Door Controllers they are generally not unique, or only need a slight modification, to work with the various controllers or software using a common Wigand format.  There are a number of different methods of granting access such as Proximity, Contactless, PIN, Swipe (although now rarely used in new installations) Electronic Key, Fob, RFID, ISOprox and different types of Biometrics.

Readers come in all shapes and sizes such as a small Mullion to larger and longer range  or hidden Architectural readers and many others in between.

Probably the best known manufacturer of these devices are HID who make the Multiclass readers capable of reading HID Proximity, iClass, MIFARE CSN, DESfire, INDALA Prox, ISO 14443B and FeliCa allowing systems to incorporate multiple reading technologies within a single building or across multiple sites.  They also manufacture the Crescendo, representing one of the highest levels of network security and whose smartcards can enable (PKI (public Key Infrastructure), SmartID, SmartTouch, Miniprox, Maxiprox, Proxpoint, Duoprox, Proxpro (with or without Keypad).  In addition we can also provide the Paxton Access series of card readers – Proximity P38, P50, P75,  Kantech ioProx, PAC Oneprox & Smart Readers & Smart Biometric,  ACP Pro Mifare & TDSI DigiGarde & PanelGarde

All points of entry need to be secured either by internal mechanisms on Turnstiles, or Barriers for example or by the fitting of locks in the form of Latch releases, Electromagnetic devices, Shearlocks, Deadlocking Solenoidbolts and ShootBolts  and selecting the right product is very important.  Fortunately we have access to a large number of manufacturers such as Abloy, Trimec, ASSA, SSP, Dryad Deedlock, Alpro.  Most of these locks incorporate door monitoring devices to sense if a door is forced, held open and even if the door is secure.  This information is transmitted back to the door controller and from there a central or local alarm can be triggered.  If exit from the secure area is to be by a non card means we can supply a range of different devices such as Proximity, Exit PIR’s, Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty, and DDA Compliant buttons.  In the event of an emergency a simple emergency door release breakglass unit, similar in design to a Fire Alarm callpoint but in White or Green, is fitted to provide a failsafe method of exit.  Again these can be monitored to alert the someone when they have been activated.
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For smaller and less demanding situations there are a number of standalone access control solutions from some of the major manufacturers mentioned above such as:-

Paxton Access - Switch2, Touchlock, Cardlock & Easyprox.  Kantech – IOPASS. PAC – Keypac Solo, Easykeu & Easykey 1000.  ACT – ACT5, ACT10, ACTentry, ACTsmart, & ACT5Prox.  TDSI – Sologarde. & Impro – Supergate Lite.  Most of these systems would need to be programmed locally to the door controller and so they would be unsuitable for sites with a large number of doors and users due to the time spent programming them in and the ongoing management of the system.

From a simple analogue one to one audio system to a complex digital networked Colour Video Solution, including the requirements of the Disability and Discrimination Act (DDA), we can provide you with a solution to meet your needs from leading manufacturers such as Urmet – Ipervoice, 2GO, Digivoice, Bibus VOIP & Imergo Hands Free.  BPT – Targha, Lynea, Nova & Ophera.  Videx – 4000, 3k & 800 Series.  GDX & Aiphone
As mentioned in the Electronic Access Control Software Systems section of this site many of the software solutions can be purchased with the ID card option to integrate your user database with ID card production via a Dye Sublimation Card Printer.  Alternatively, we can supply a set up for you a stand alone ID Card Production Software package completely separated from the Access Control Software.  ID cards can be printed directly onto a suitable ISO Access Control Card or onto a standard PVC card for visitors or staff not issued with Access control rights.  There are several different types of card printer from the most basic single sided to more complex fast double sided printing with a high security hologram overlay.  Typical units we can supply are the Fargo – Persona, DTC400EAssure ID Solo, Assure ID Express, Assure ID Enterprise, Assure ID Exchange, DTC550 & HDP5000   & NBS Javelin – J100, J120i, J330i, J360i,  J430i, JX, CX-330, ZXP Series 8 & CX-D80.
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