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Aspirating Systems – Early Warning High Sensitivity Smoke Detection

An Aspirating Smoke Detection System is used in stable environments where a highly sensitive rapid smoke detection capability is required. This makes it suitable for critical enclosed areas such as highly flammable liquid and gas storage facilities and also for areas and goods which can easily be damaged by fire such as clean rooms, paper archives, tobacco storage and electronic equipment areas.

Often, normal smoke detectors will recognize the danger too late and cause damage, as smoke often does not reach the ceiling quick enough for a fire to be detected and dealt with before the damage has been done, however, aspirating smoke detection is highly sensitive, and can detect smoke before it is even visible to the human eye.

Aspirating Systems are not recommended for use in unstable environments due to the wide range of particle sizes that are detected. This does not mean they can't be used in dusty/dirty environments because the system can be calibrated to the ambient conditions without false alarming as long as the levels of dust and dirt remain stable.

In addition, Aspirating Systems can be more aesthetically pleasing than a normal smoke detection system as the pipe work can be easily hidden within the structure of the building, with just the small sampling points visible. 

By careful sitting of sampling points Aspirating Systems can also be used more effectively in institutions such as prisons, holding areas and detention centers where tampering is a potential problem and because of its early detection capabilities maximizes the time available for the safe and controlled evacuation. 

An Aspirating System works by utilizing a microprocessor based central control unit which sucks air from the sampling points, through the associated specially designed pipework into a sampling chamber which detects the light scattered by them in the chamber to detect the presence of any smoke particles suspended in air.

Kingfisher Fire & Security have successfully installed and maintain Aspirating Systems for a number of clients using systems such as Airsense Technology – Stratos NANO, Stratos-Micra, Stratos-HSSD 2 & Stratos-Ex.  Xtralis – VESDA VLF, VESDA VLC, VESDA VLP, VESDA VLS, VESDA Ex d & VESDA VFT-15 and WAGNER - TITANUS